Top Tips on Storing Your Sex Toys


Sex toys are expected to be a thrilling way of adding zest to your sexual life. These toys will let you become adventurous, enrich your experiences, and sometimes they’re just pretty hilarious. One aspect you might overlook, however, is the storage for your sex toys.

Whether you’re breaking misconceptions of using sex toys or just trying to discover an entirely new realm of vibrators and dildos, still you’ve got to put your sex toys in some place.

Why is sex toy storage important?

There is no wrong way when storing sex toys, as long as you are properly storing and maintaining them.

Many here are guilty of just tossing their sex toys into a plastic container and shoved them under the bed and think nothing about them until needed. However, some sex toys are quite fragile and could be compromised or become unhygienic when you don’t handle and store them in a proper way, making them ineffective and unappealing. Take note that filthy sex toys can lead to infection.

Also, you wouldn’t want anyone to stumble on your sex toys, whether they’re your parents, children, or any of your family members. Through proper storage of your toys, away from everyone else, you could avoid possible awkwardness or sex toy losses.

Clean your toys before and after use

Regardless of how well you organize and stack your precious sex toys, it would get a bit dirty or dusty eventually.
It is indeed necessary to clean your toys straight up before they’re packed.
Usually, effective antibacterial soap and water should do the trick, but certain sex toys may well be disinfected in heated water or bleached.


Here are some tips for keeping your sex toys organized and hidden, yet easily accessible for you:


#1 Use Ziploc bags

Ziplock bags can always be used. They are relatively inexpensive, and there’s always something you need for your food scraps, your assortment of pins and buttons, you have the idea now.

#2 Use a cloth bag

For an inexpensive way to store your sex toys, you could even wrap them using a smooth, gentle fabric or place them inside a cloth bag to avoid getting damp and dusty. A lot of sex toys have their dust bags for safe handling, so kindly use them!

When you got a porous, silicone or rubber made sex toys, you have to be super cautious not to use plastic bags or containers.
Over time, chemicals may leak into your sex toys, something that you don’t want to get into your body.

#3 Use the Under-bed storage shelves

When you’re starting to collect a pile of gratification items, we strongly recommend under bed storage boxes, particularly those boxes with wheels which make it much easier to roll out and placing it beneath your bed. In that way, your things are still easy to access, and you can conceal a bigger number of toys. You can also cover your set of sex toys with unused clothes as well as adding more boxes to keep it even more concealed from some of the most nosy and gossipy people.

#4 Sex Toy Storage Box

If you’ve been searching for something much more stable and safe than a humble piece of cloth, the answer is a storage box specially designed for sex toy storing. Sealable sex toy containers keep your personal items hidden from prying eyes and hands. The keyless lock device makes it great for keeping your erotic collection safe, clean, and efficient.

#5 Fake English Dictionary

If you’re aiming to keep your few precious sex toys even more concealed, you may opt for these Fake English Dictionaries, one that fits your sex toy inside. This creative storage idea may rest beside your bedside table book or with your magazine collection.

#6 Foldable travel bag with compartment

If you do have several sex toys and lubricant bottles and would like to store them in separate compartments, but organized in one large container, travel bags with compartments could be the ultimate solution to keep things highly organized.